NES - Brandon, You're Going To Hell

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NES - Brandon, You're Going To Hell

Brandon, You're Going To HELL!

For the Nintendo Entertainment System

Made using NESMaker


A side scrolling journey through the head of Brandon. A young man that grew up believing anything that he thought was cool would end up sending him to HELL! Face your demons, the fires of Hell, religious grandmas, and more. Find out about yourself and try to avoid being taken to Hell in the process.

Most of your enemies have a soft spot on their dome that'll take 'em right out. Plus, you have a major sweet tooth. So, you'll always have a donut on hand to defend yourself. Just be careful not to be unwise with how you use them. Just because they're unlimited, doesn't mean your launcher may not freeze up on you.

Some monsters will kill you if you don't kill them first (even if they don't touch you). Remember to kill the creatures you see, when you see them or run for your life.

Also, be aware of inanimate objects that are there to hurt you, bibles and stuff from the sex shop.

9 Hellacious Levels including:

- Weinie Town

- Horror Forest

- High School Cave

- Weed World

- Porn Heights

- Metal Castle

- Taco Hell

- Church

- Heaven

In all of this madness, you have a saving grace... weed! Delicious, life enhancing mary jane. For every 10 nugs you collect, you'll get an extra life (max of 8 lives). Don't freak out if one of those sticky-icky weed nuggets doesn't disappear. You (should) still get the point and there's plenty ahead on your path. So, no worries.

WARNING: This game may not be suitable for your kids. Play it for yourself first. Maybe if they just play it and don't pay attention to anything they see, you'll be fine. I just don't want to be blamed if you end up having to have a weird conversation with your youngin' that you're too big of a chump to have. Think Leisure Suit Larry goes to Castlevania. But hey, if you keep them away from weird shit like this, maybe they'll grow up to make an even weirder game. That's what happened to me. Have fun champ.